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Meet Zach

Photo of Zach Young standing in front of city building

Family has instilled values within me that guide my public service. Whether it was advocating for public schools because my mother retired from one, being a strong supporter of the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway because I grew up going there with my dad, or making sure our first responders have resources they need to protect our community because of my great-uncle - I want to see Nashville's public services stay high quality so the rest of our community can thrive. 

Photo of Zach with 8 members of his family. They are all wearing shirts with his campaign logo
Zach Young standing in front of a small group, speaking and gesturing toward a map

I've risen to the occasion on countless issues and will not hesitate to go above and beyond for my community. That's why I passed a structurally balanced budget every year in office and cut red tape that complicated everyday life. My time in office has also seen the Metro Council pass legislation to improve the regulation of the "party bus" industry downtown and pass a historic stadium deal for the Titans that will decrease the tax burden on constituents.

Zach Young as a child holding a trophy. He is standing between two men. One of them is his father.

Zach and his father at the racetrack as a kid

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