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Delivering Tax Dollars To Our District:

As Nashville thrives, I am resolute in my commitment to ensure that District 10 receives its fair share of investments and resources. By advocating for our community's needs and effectively utilizing tax dollars, I will strive to foster continued growth and development while addressing the specific requirements of our district. Some accomplishments so far include:

  • Securing $23 million for the replacement of Goodlettsville Elementary School

  • Installing security lighting at Mansker Creek Park at the request of neighbors

  • Procuring funding for multiple bridge & culvert replacements across District 10

Strong Public Institutions

Public safety personnel and teachers are the backbone of our society. I have made sure that our first responders are paid competitive wages and have the resources they need, and our Metro teachers are now the highest paid in Tennessee. Throughout my time in office, I will continue to ensure that these pillars of society have our support and are put in a position to succeed.

Fiscal Health

After a tax increase to prevent Metro from laying off thousands of employees and being taken over by the state, I have supported budgets that have lowered our property tax rate the last two fiscal years in a row. From coming into office with a fiscal crisis to Metro now having a Rainy Day Fund and having healthy cash reserves, it's this excellent fiscal stewardship that led to Metro's credit rating to increase. I am actively engaged in safeguarding the general fund, striking a delicate balance that avoids burdening constituents or businesses with undue tax pressure. By implementing responsible fiscal policies, we can sustain the growth and prosperity of our community for generations to come.

Balanced Growth

Recognizing the need for intelligent and controlled growth, I am committed to developing a comprehensive plan that addresses the shortage of housing units while preserving the unique character of our neighborhoods. By working closely with communities, we can strike a harmonious balance, providing housing solutions while respecting the distinct identities that make our neighborhoods special.

A Modern Nashville

During my time in office, I have helped cut red tape and modernize Nashville in numerous ways. I have updated archaic home occupation laws, making it legal for musicians, architects, lawyers, and others to work from home. I have also updated Nashville's street parking meters, ensuring that new machines accept cards and virtual payment. Additionally, I have co-sponsored legislation that eliminated the no-longer-necessary annual car emissions inspections to renew car tags.

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